America’s Fascism Problem Isn’t Going Away

America’s Fascism Problem Isn’t Going Away

Connect the following dots. Tucker Carlson recently agreed with a guest — a famous Republican — that they’d have to “elect a fascist” soon, or else. Stephen Miller, the architect behind “separating families” and putting kids in cages is now a Fox News pundit and a right wing darling. Kayleigh McEnany is now a regular host on Fox News. A white supremacist massacred Asians in cold blood.

Shall I go on?

Scratch the surface of the zeitgeist — what you might call American liberals’ triumphant Bidenism, which means that we must all accept the fiction that Biden is a new FDR, and cheer and applaud obediently — and an ugly reality glints beneath.

America’s fascism problem isn’t going away.

If anything, it’s getting worse. The most you could say, and that’s if you wanted to be really generous, is that it’s not getting any better.